I guess maybe I need to be more explicit about this but I don't think people who voted Trump are…
Sarah Rosenberg

Well said. Nonetheless, apparently most people who voted for Trump were driven primarily by fear and ignorance rather than good reasoning and clear understanding of the likely implications of their vote for him. They lack a depth of understanding about the differences between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Many will claim that all politicians are the same. But if they followed some of the details of legislative debate and how the members vote in Congress, they would have half the story. The other half of the story concerns how one party actively seeks laws and policies designed to create a more stable society, a stronger citizenry, and a better world, while the other main party seems mainly concerned with accumulating greater wealth at the expense of those with the greatest deprivations. To comprehend the significant differences in order to evaluate which Party tends to have the best approach, one needs to draw upon the knowledge of the best experts in economics with their super-computers and their elaborate projections using various data and scenarios. Plus, one needs to understand that macro-economic analysis requires that one move beyond the simple linear definitions of beginning economics into the advanced mathematical realm of multiple sets of equations using integral and differential calculus, all coupled with statistical analysis and some commonsense based on past histories. Republican reasoning has multiple flaws which practically guarantees flawed conclusions. For instance, they have a fetish for reducing government size, eliminating jobs, and cutting government expenditures to the bone. It sounds great at first glance until one follows through with the future effects of a short-term savings, namely, eroding infra-structures, government failures in various areas to give the greatest improvements as a basis for future growth, and an overall economy which is stunted by the huge loss of government jobs and worthwhile services, and diminished circulation of money used for purchases, which leads to further reductions of jobs and increased unemployment. Republicans insist that welfare is wasted expense, when in fact it is money which is mostly used for basic sustenance, which is quickly spent for basic foods and essential goods, thus sustaining not only impoverished people but also a wide range of necessary industries and food production pathways. The quicker that money is spent by the low income strata, the more that the overall economy is sustained, with an effect of magnifying the utility of that money supply as it creates more everyday jobs. When Republicans cut welfare benefits, the main benefactors are the wealthy and super-wealthy who get the benefit of lower taxes, while fewer jobs are created since most of that money is either saved or invested towards more profit. Fewer economic transactions generally means less jobs, and a less robust economy in the aggregate. The differences between the two extreme scenarios might be a small amount numerically, but in the long run that small difference multiples and grows, while economic bubbles become less likely and less drastic. Macro-economics is generally non-linear with highs and lows as the overall market continually readjusts, searching for optimum values in the short-term which in turn encourages more business transactions that are acceptable to all parties. Historically, the Republican approach to social and economic policies tends to enrich the wealthy, impoverish the poor, stagnating the overall economy, and creating greater national debt due to diminished tax revenues which later Democrats have had to remedy and clean up. Meanwhile, a major part of the world populace has barely made progress. Without better trade agreements to aid third-world countries with opportunities to improve the status of their citizens, we increase the likelihood that we will be overrun by foreign invaders seeking survival opportunities and greater freedom. The Republican answer is to reduce the freedoms that our citizens already have in order to keep out newcomers, while simultaneously inhibiting economic growth worldwide. What most voters do not understand about the Affordable Health Care law is that Democrats were seeking single-payer programs across state lines, resulting in lower costs and better standards of care. Republicans blocked that effort and other beneficial options by proposing a myriad of worthless amendments in their effort to prevent the legislation or at least cripple it. Most problems and short-comings of the current Affordable Health Care are the products of Republican stupidity and malice. Pres. Obama and Congressional Democrats had envisioned a grateful intelligent voting majority would see the positive efforts of Democrats as contrasted with the negative efforts of Republicans, thus, creating the likelihood of Democratic majorities in both Houses of Congress which would have enabled Democrats to make beneficial changes to the legislation. But with all the lies, deceits and misrepresentations continuously bombarding the ears of uninformed voters, spoken by Republicans, voters allowed themselves to be conned and misled back then, just as it happened in the recent election. Republicans have made a big show of criticizing Pres. Obama on a daily basis of not showing leadership, when in fact Pres. Obama and the Democratic leaders were the only ones who were demonstrating excellent skill and leadership. All the criticisms against liberals and progressives show the shallowness and ignorance of those who claim to be conservatives. First of all, conservatism does not have, and never has had, a monopoly on conservative values. Most of those conservative values are held by Democrats also. Second, the most basic conservative value surrounds the concept of Freedom of Religion. Jesus, whose teachings were the basis of Christianity, taught that it is wrong to coerce an individual to agree with one’s spiritual beliefs, leaving those decisions to the Free Will of each individual. Yet Republican orthodoxy continually seeks to mandate that everyone follow their Republican spiritual beliefs to the letter, while ignoring the intended wisdom of Separation of Church and State. Republicans can’t seem to grasp the fact that Allah is the Arabic word for the English word for God, just as Yahwe is one of the Hebrew words for the same God. For all the complaining and whining about liberals and progressives, what is it that Republicans are advocating? That we turn back the clock 100 years as if that would make us more pure? How about 100,000 years or a million? Republicans are like a bunch of pampered ingrates who demand the best of everything, while forgetting that the progress created by forward-thinking liberals is what they take for granted as they demand more for themselves to hoard, even as they seek to deny that progress to others. To any Republicans or others who entertain some personal aspirations for clinging to stagnation or returning to some past mirage of better living, the rest of us should unite to demand that they go there, and leave the rest of us alone to seek a better way of living for anyone who wishes to share in the process of seeking and creating progress. Take your Republican money and your arrogant ignorance with you, Republicans, and build yourselves a wall separating you from us, the rest of humanity. Go Republicans! Wallow in your faux-conservatism. Cling to your idolatrous worship of some delusional idealized fictional past. We who seek progress do not need your stagnant, malignant, backwardness in order for us to continue making progress towards uplifting and improving the human condition. Watch as we offer sex education to our youth while the number of unwed mothers, and aborted babies approaches zero. Watch as we create a more humane and just society, while you devolve to burning witches at the stake, or lynching anyone who dares to share a dream of living as an equal. Don’t misinterpret my meaning. It’s not that we don’t care for your well-being., or that we wish you ill. What we are, is fed up with your phony, selfish, narrow-minded violations of human decency, your arrogant disdain for those less fortunate than yourselves, and your limited capacity to grasp the fact that your approach to improving the human world is implicitly flawed so long as you continue to whine, complain, and criticize those liberal-minded, progressive-thinking, creative human beings who came before us and who did not impede progress as much as they created it and embraced it. When you need someone to build or repair your mansions, or shine your shoes, or clean your toilets, or grow, harvest and prepare your food, cut your grass or wipe your feeble ass, do it your own damned selves. You will come to understand that you need liberal progressives far more than we need your limited narrative of faux-conservatism. As imperfect as liberal progressives may be, you will eventually realize that you are no more human or civilized than we are, in fact, you may come to see that you are less human, less civilized, and less principled than you previously thought. Just remember this: Conservatism is not congenital, nor is it necessarily a permanent, irrevocable state of mind or body. You too can make progress. You too can exercise liberal creativity and ingenuity by allowing your mind to venture outside the superficial confines of your present thinking. Ask God for the strength of faith to expand your mind. Don’t cower in fear, or howl in stubborn resistance. Using one’s imagination may be the most important quality and essence of being a human being. It is called enlightenment for a reason, not coprolitic fossilization. (By the way, Sarah, I am sure that you understand that I was inspired to write because I identified with your thinking, and that my use of the pronoun ‘you’ is not directed at you. Just want to be clear on that. Thanks for sharing your perspective. As for me, as always, I am inclined to apologize for my verbosity. And as always, my best defense is to point out that this is a short version. We can both be grateful that I was able to be so concise for a change.) On further reflection, Republicans are not bad or evil people, they simply have some flawed thinking that has the portent of bad or evil effects on others. I am sure that is not their actual conscious intent to create bad or evil effects. I hope for the best for Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence, including the possibility that they both might rise above the limitations of their past opinions, and envision a broader horizon for us all. The office of the Presidency, as we have witnessed with Pres. Obama, has an inevitable effect of prematurely aging an individual. Mr. Pence is a likable gentleman, even though some of his thinking is too oppressive and/or misguided. And Pres.-elect Trump, despite some ill-advised brash statements which he has made, is capable of exercising greater wisdom and humility if he is determinedly seeking to do so. I encourage him to keep Pres. Obama and Ms. Obama as close advisers and confidantes, along with Vice Pres. Biden and Ms. Biden, Mr. and Ms. Clinton, and other notable Democratic leaders who have demonstrated their high intelligence and character in office. If he truly wishes to unite us, he will need to listen to the experience and intelligence of others who hold contrary viewpoints. If he wishes to excel in his performance of his duties in office, he will benefit enormously from their insights. It would be extremely foolish and foolhardy to not utilize such a valuable resource of capable mentors. I hope that everything I have written here turns out to be an incorrect predictive assessment of the next four years. But as to my general statements about economics and social policies, my words may be poorly chosen, while the content of my analysis will remain more or less true, and factually accurate.

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