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an organization for which I have no personal stake other than the time and money I’ve already spent supporting.

This describes my relationship with the CES as well. I receive no financial compensation for my work as a director and in fact make substantial investments of my own time and money. I only mentioned that donations were tax deductible as shorthand to show that they (we) fulfill legal requirements as a non-profit.

And frankly I think it’s bizarre that you see a bet as improper because you (incorrectly) believe I have a financial stake in it. The whole point of a bet is that each side wants to win! I could understand if you saw betting as improper per se; but to swallow the general concept and then strain at the idea that I actually care about the organization I’m supporting… I don’t get it.

I have an interest in the truth of this matter, yes. I believe that I satisfied that interest when I looked into it a couple of years ago. I do not expect you to take my naked word on that, nor should you; but insofar as I have an interest in continuing this discussion, it’s because I believe I might change your mind. But then, there are people on the internet who will never change their minds. The bet was one idea of how you could show me that you’re not one of them. If you have a different idea, I’m listening.