You don’t need a fancy display or Wi-Fi capability to cook the most delicious beans without much effort

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Photo: Gloria Cabada-Leman via Flickr/CC BY 2.0

LED display. Wi-Fi connection. Alexa-enabled. Are we really talking about slow cookers? In a techno-appliance world gone mad, I am clinging tightly to my circa 1970s, no-fi appliance. It offers one knob, three options:

  • Off

I spend my work days staring at a large screen, and much of my free time consulting a tiny, glowing display. For the same reason I like to read books printed on paper rather than via an e-reader, there’s something comforting about an appliance that doesn’t have a keyboard’s worth of buttons. And it absolutely cannot and will not connect to the internet.

Jameson Fink

Writer/Editor. It’s too loud and crowded everywhere.

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