Baseball Meets ‘Pretty Woman’: Tim Tebow, the MLB and the Continued Chase of a Sports Fairy Tale
Rick Suter

And early reports of the workout — exactly what you would expect.

He can swing, but his bat speed is not even remotely close to MLB level.

He can crush the ball, because he is no doubt a pretty powerful guy who has stayed in peak physical condition given that he’s 30 (or near it), but only when it’s a BP fastball at high 70’s down the pipe. Most HS stars can still do that.

The short clips of him in the outfield are, simply put, bad. Fluid is the last word you would describe him, and that’s on popouts being put right on top of his head. The technique is not there, at all, but that’s an easy thing to learn. What isn’t easy is to expand your range and ability to see, and react, to the ball off the bat immediately (that was not displayed but it’s a good chance he would be HS level at best at this).

The reviews from his actual AB’s vs. former MLB pitchers wasn’t promising. Naturally he struggled, and while he may have handled a few pitches the overwhelming majority were ugly to watch. Who is surprised?

Tim Tebow has no shot, count it none, to be a real major league baseball player. That doesn’t mean he won’t get paraded around as one, as MJ did, but he shouldn’t be in the same ballpark as those men and if or when he signs it will be a gosh damn shame for some sad individual who has fought for his spot on the team his whole life just to get sacked by an attention whore who has no sense of self-awareness and refuses to let go, skating by on his accomplishments from a past life rather than the merit today.

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