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And I say that by changing the song due to one individual request will lead us to never hearing music again, for we will be in constant flux of shuffling through songs to please everyone.

It can’t be done. There may be a few things that we can, as a society, come to agreement upon but there will be many obscure things that we won’t agree upon and those in the minority will still feel oppressed and shunned. Is that good or better? I don’t believe so. It’s of my personal opinion that we’ve become very mentally weak, and this furthers that weakness. We have to realize that we’re in control, always, and that as humans we are the ones who ascribe certain words, behaviors, and actions meaning and negative or positive connotations.

If I walk into a store somewhere and someone cusses me up and down without any real provocation what does it matter? How am I truly inflicted? What are these words? I can either allow this other person to effect my mood and behavior, which could end disastrously (a fight) or best case negatively (anger) or I could just ignore these words because they inherently mean nothing and move on with my day unphased by unpleasantness encountered. This is merely an example on a small scale — I’m aware that SOME things deserve more recognition of being upsetting than this scenario, but this is a scenario in which many people can imagine vividly and would allow themselves to be provoked into, at a minimum, an emotion they would rather not have.

But the reality is we don’t know what will offend until well after the fact — well most of the so called offensive material (some people do it intentionally, I’m not speaking of them). There is so much faux internet outrage over seemingly mundane or superfluous nonsense that it seems impossible to truly forewarn people regarding content prior to the matter. There was an uproar just recently about certain books being read in college that depicted sexual actions and strong language, that was mild frankly, causing individuals to throw fits and say it offended them. Hell, seeing a gay couple has the ability to offend devout Christians or just regular bigots who use the Bible as their cover. I’ve offended people simply because I’m an introvert who isn’t interested in forging meaningful friendships with coworkers. Being offended does not give someone a certain power to make dictations.

And most people are just screaming that the music should never be played in the first place — and that’s where I have to say that’s outrageous. I can understand sensitivity to certain matters but that does not mean you can force that upon everyone else, especially those who want to view it from a completely different light and try to create positive change in regards to the subject.

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