Colin Kaepernick is Right — You’re Wrong

Your Criticism of Kaepernick is Offensive to the Flag

Shut your dumb fucking mouths already. Is that clear enough on where I stand on this issue?

It’s not that I completely agree with Kaepernick, it’s that it doesn’t make one goddamned bit of difference whether we agree or disagree with his stance on the topic of choice but whether or not he is right or wrong in his efforts to stand (or rather sit) for what he believes in. He has every right in this world to do so, and in fact by doing so he is actually teaching YOU ALL about what that flag represents.

You self-serving douchebags who are attempting to bend Kaepernick’s right to protest using your collective will (that is the overwhelming majority it seems) is the type of tyrannical bullshit that the flag stands directly against. How ironic — those who are telling Kaepernick to stand for the pledge are the ones who are at odds with what the flag represents.

Kaepernick would be doing a disservice to compromise his will and integrity to appease the majority. This country’s conscious is not led by majority will or else progress would have never progressed at any point in history — the majority almost NEVER wants to do what is right, they want to do what is most comfortable and what best represents their personal interests, and when that is at odds with morality those who are greater than we must make changes that are against the majority’s wishes and tell them to get the fuck over it and grow up.

It is not offensive to the military personnel, past nor present. What is offensive is that our military fights wars that cost lives to progress the well being of the few, and not the whole. What is offensive is that millions in this country are not afforded basic rights that others take for granted. That is offensive to the men and women who have fought for this country, their fight is for freedom and those in power are divvying up freedom as they see fitting. It doesn’t make a bit of difference whether you believe that or not — what matters is that IF this were true wouldn’t it be right to take a stand against such government actions and civilian complicity?

The fact it’s even a news story is an indictment upon our news organizations, big and small, and is evidence of how the worst presidential candidate ever has gained enough steam to be semi-competitive. This is a very hot button issue, and any controversial stance will undoubtedly garner a lot of attention around the world — news organizations will eat that shit up so long as the viewing public has heated opinions regarding the matter. So they shove a camera and microphone into everyone and anyone’s face and ask them to comment, further fueling the fire.

Coach Ault’s opinion is fucking pointless — in fact it was rather disgusting as he claimed Kaepernick might be hurting his earning power if he weren’t willing to back down. He called him selfish, but wouldn’t it be far more selfish to cash his checks and never take a stance against the wrongs (perceived or not) that he sees in the world and especially in this country? That would be selfish, you blind bastard.

Jim Harbaugh’s thoughts on the matter are completely superfluous — it doesn’t make a bit of difference what he thinks on this subject. No one else’s opinion regarding Kaepernick’s RIGHT to choose freely if he is to sit or stand makes any gosh damn difference in the world and needn’t be asked by these pathetic controversy hungry news organizations. You want to know their opinion, here’s a pretty fucking good indicator, they probably stood for the anthem and thus disagree, see how easy that is? Move on.

People need to step back and ask themselves what really matters. The flag doesn’t represent our fucking borders, it doesn’t make a difference in this world where we live, the flag represents our ideologies that each human has rights and freedoms that should be recognized by everyone else. So how can you reconcile shitting on Kaepernick’s rights? It doesn’t make sense. The flag represents an idea and Kaepernick is unhappy with the unavoidable fact that all rights are not being recognized based on other factors, which is in direct contrast with the flag’s representation. Thus, he refuses to stand for a false narrative, and good for him.

We should never kowtow to the societal standards set forth by individuals who are benefited through the misery of others and in juxtaposition to the actual representation of our country’s values. If we were to do so without question we could never recognize when concepts were incongruent so that we could realign them.

But more so than that, it’s not your goddamn place to attempt to pressure Colin Kaepernick to do what pleases and serves you, it’s your place to shut the fuck up and allow another human to do what he feels just and right.