Crashing a Donald Trump event is a Donald Trump-esque thing to do

There are a lot of obvious reasons to dislike what Donald Trump stands for — in my estimation he epitomizes so much that is wrong with this country. He was handed millions on a silver platter from his father’s success and thus never actually had to earn it, he has expanded that millions into billions by exploiting hard working humans all over the world, he has lied, cheated, and stole, gamed the system, took advantage of thousands if not millions of people because he has “power” (only if you value money too much), and is now running for president once again through exploitation of fear and ignorance.

I clearly do not like anything that Donald Trump stands for. There’s no doubt in my mind that he is genuinely stupid, not ignorant because that implies that he has the capability to learn but hasn’t had the right experiences and environment to do so — no, he is just stupid.

But by the democracy we live in and under the freedoms we have available to us he has every right to be stupid and exploit people and act like a terrible person. That is the ugly side of America, the exact same thing that makes it great can also make it awful. It isn’t any better or worse than other forms of government really — they all have the capability to be great and terrible, it’s ultimately about people. Corrupt people will corrupt systems, nothing is immune from corruption.

Attempting to suppress Donald Trump is just as bad as Donald Trump himself. To consider him evil is your justification for treating him as sub human, unworthy of enjoying the same rights as yourself. That doesn’t mean activists and protesters can’t organize against Trump, but that actively trying to suppress him and his rallies goes against everything that makes this current democracy fantastic. Just because it’s no longer working out in your favor isn’t an excuse to start abusing the system in place.

Trump and his followers have every single right to believe what they believe, to vocalize and advocate for changes that they want to make, even if they’re so damn stupid and asinine. Racists, morons, the immoral, the vile, all bigots in all forms have every right to their opinion and count just the same as everyone else. If you begin suppressing their rights to believe you are no longer standing up for what’s inherently right but only to what’s subjective. It’s the same slippery slope that Apple is fighting with the FBI right now. Once you do it once, it becomes too easy to do it again, and again, and in each passing it gets more egregious and more disgusting.

So if you don’t believe Donald Trump has the right to do what he’s doing, you’re in fact in the same ballpark as Donald Trump himself.