Eli Manning Needs to Play Better

Before Calling Out Arguably The Best WR in Football

Telling your best offensive weapon to be better is a bold move. Maybe Beckham will view this as a challenge and it will drive him to go even further than he already has. But one has to ask how much further can he really go and what can it really mean for the Giants? For Eli’s sake however, he better hope ODB uses this as motivation rather than takes it offensively.

There would be good reason for Odell Beckham to view Eli’s statements negatively. Odell Beckham is already the best WR in football (arguably). Having the best WR in football hasn’t necessarily translated into wins, because that position isn’t nearly as impactful as we are led to believe.

On the other hand, Eli is not the best QB in football. Not even close, really. He never has been, he also never will be. He’s good, do not get me wrong, he is better than half of the league (total QB’s, maybe not starters). But when you’re good at your craft, you probably shouldn’t call out someone who could be the best at theirs.

Eli Manning isn’t bad — but not elite
Odell Beckham, however, is elite

The difference is more than obvious. Eli Manning sits near the middle, but above average vs. all QB’s with 200+ pass attempts over the last two seasons. Odell Beckham sits near the very top as compared to his peers with a minimum of 50 targets over the last two seasons.

Beckham should be demanding Eli to improve.

Over the last two seasons combined no one has been better than ODB

Odell Beckham has the second highest pure ranking over the last two seasons combined, worse than just Antonio Brown, but is further removed from his QB than is Brown. Meaning that Brown has had better QB play in comparison, and that he undoubtedly has benefited in some manner because of this.

It wasn’t a one time fluke, ODB has outpaced Manning in each of the last two seasons

This is classic Eli Manning however. In an effort to be a “leader” he could possibly be alienating by far the best weapon he’s ever had the pleasure of playing with. There is no doubt that ODB has risen Eli’s standard of play over the last two years, and to call for him to do more while not specifically calling on yourself to do more is a cop out.

Eli has never lived in the real world, and neither has Peyton for that matter — when your dad was a “star” QB for the New Orleans Saints your life was handed to you on a platter. That isn’t to diminish the work they undoubtedly put in, but it does mean that most likely lived in a posh world where responsibility was something you displaced upon others, because it was never their fault.

But given the data, it’s Eli who should strive to improve, not Odell Beckham.

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