Hey, Everyone…Shut the Fuck Up

Just imagine that maybe, just MAYBE, the “other side” isn’t evil?

In Louie C.K.’s new show “Horace and Pete” there is a scene in one of the first few episodes in which a liberal and a conservative are at a bar arguing politics and it quickly devolves into a pissing contest to see who can slam the other the hardest. A partisan bystander steps in and offers a very thoughtful response to each of them and the message is simple — each of you hold preconceived notions about the other from the onset, and with that attitude you can’t possibly ever agree or even compromise on anything. He then asked them to walk through a quick activity in which they first described the “other” ideological counterpart (i.e. he asked the conservative what a liberal was) and they both had harsh words. After that, he asked them to describe what they thought their own ideology stood for (i.e. he asked a conservative what a conservative was) and they both said something reasonably acceptable about themselves. Finally, he told them to debate with not their own impression of what the “other” was, but what the “other” said they were.

Frankly, it’s a fucking brilliant scene (so hats off to Louie for writing it and putting that together, as well as whatever inspiration he had for it).

But, it is of course just a scene from a fabricated show that doesn’t intimate real life. The first part, where the liberal and conservative turned an argument into a personal attackfest in 0.3 seconds was much closer to reality, and it’s precisely where we stand today.

The saddest part? You’re both fucking stupid and doing exactly what you accuse one another of doing.

I’m reading articles on here that I can’t fathom people actually believe when they write, I genuinely ask myself “are they fucking serious?”. It is so obtuse and devoid of logic or reason that it’s no wonder we can’t meet in the middle because we can’t even fucking see the middle. We’re so goddamn far apart that we don’t know where the middle is and we don’t trust one another enough to agree on a middle. Even when there is an attempt each side starts questioning if the other is REALLY coming as far as they say or if they are lying so that they have to compromise less.

This is scary, not Donald Trump’s (dumbass) presidency.

On Medium it is obviously the liberals who are the worst (I mean, conservatives basically don’t exist on here — I’m probably one of the closest to it and I spend a year bashing the hell out of Trump and Republicans).

The irony of liberals on here is that they accuse an entire party and ideology of painting with too broad of a brush (racism, or at least hardcore stereotyping) and for believing, and attempting to accentuate the thought that, they are superior (again, part of the racism kick) with an air of pretentiousness in your own reflected ideology. What the fuck? Are you not aware of how gosh damn disingenuous that is? You are openly accusing individuals of racism (in which feelings of superiority are a major part of that definition) while acting as if your entire library of ideology is superior — it’s insane.

You guys are also hyper sensitive and have given up all sense of critical thinking and intellectual thought. Every single thing is a sign of racism or sexism or some other form of bigotry — frankly it’s lazy. You have a complete lack of respect for intellectual diversity, and openly treat conservatives as inferior. And then you have the gall to consider them insensitive because they don’t believe exactly as you do? Dense.

Overt racism is not an issue in this country. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, I’m not saying it’s not an issue for some people (a really small percentage of people), but that is not the type of racism that this country is currently facing that is drawing the divide. It’s deeper, it’s more complex, and frankly it’s harder to even detect.

I could go on and on and on about the ignorance of conservatives on this site but few exist and, again check out my articles, I’ve done that for the last year. Also, I’ve already touched on it because they have the exact same issues as liberals. They lack critical thinking but aren’t aware and thus feel as if they’re superior in this regard, they aren’t willing to even entertain any ideas that compromise their own beliefs because a deep distrust, almost nothing they support is logical (honestly, why NOT take better care of our planet, even if you aren’t convinced it is real, just in case? just pretend it’s your religion, it’s the same concept), they refuse to admit that the long history of racism and sexism (and every other ism) in this country tainted our culture and our own personal upbringing thus inadvertently is being passed down to some degree, and they over generalize out of stupidity and fear (a ban on Muslims, really?).

Liberals and conservatives actually have a LOT in common if you bring it to a higher level and get out of the weeds of the “issues”.

What is plaguing our country, and there isn’t an obvious pattern along racial, gender, sexual orientation, religious, or ideological planes, is implicit bias.

Our inability to understand implicit bias, i.e. a hidden form of “racism” that we aren’t even aware of, is creating a multitude of problems between Americans today. Implicit bias is why cops are more likely to pull their gun on a black child playing with a gun than he is a white one doing the same. It’s the reason that minorities often receive far worse punishment for the same crimes (from school to court rooms). It’s the creator of white privilege that manifests itself in ways that aren’t evident to those who benefit from it.

Implicit bias has long been coming for this country for so many reasons.

  • When slavery ended it’s not as if the playing field was leveled and former slaves were let go into a society that viewed them as equal and they had equal opportunities to succeed. They started out in a marathon about 15 miles behind, through no fault of their own.
  • Though slavery was no longer allowed, it was not at all illegal to discriminate for basically any reason and this was widespread. So although black people were finally allowed to participate in the race they had to do so on an entirely different course riddled with obstacles that were damn near impossible to move through.
  • Finally, that too became illegal, and blacks were allowed to participate on the same course, now about 20 miles behind in a 26.2 mile race. But it wasn’t the same course at all. Over the years debris and brush had grown all around the areas that white people had passed through long ago — like an abandoned Olympic village. This represents the hatred and discriminatory practices that simply went further underground, they didn’t die out, they just found places to hide in plain sight. In news media black people were constantly cast as inferior, in far more subtle ways than previously before. People used mediums to hide behind their racist thoughts, they would manipulate the unwritten rules in various practices as to create disadvantages (such as refusing loans to qualified minorities because the rules were ambiguous and thus easily manufactured on the spot). They passed these thoughts and ideas down to their children along the way…but those kids only took some of the bait, because many of them had far more interaction with minorities and had made a more human connection to them than any previous generation, so it didn’t fully take, but some still seeped into there.

That is where we are at now. The information passed onto us was clearly tainted with all sorts of ulterior motives. We weren’t aware of all the context that surrounded the information as kids, we just ate it up because we were impressionable. We believed the narrative that black people were more violent because there was extra support for it, it was represented on TV basically daily. We accepted the notion that black people were less intelligent, this trope made sense because we undoubtedly knew someone who met this stereotype and therefore it was confirmed. We didn’t question that black people were poor because they were lazy and didn’t care — it was clearly their fault!

Except, we were far too young to understand the socio-economic impact on all of these factors. We just heard a stereotype that misrepresented reality but matched the eye test. The problem is, the eye test is often very misleading.

But conservatives don’t want to dig deeper, they aren’t willing to learn the impacts of poverty on crime and education, they aren’t willing to learn the impacts of historical racism on current poverty, they dismiss it because it is easier. They are scared of admitting that there is a pretty logical reason to believe their ascent to the top was in some way manufactured and was not entirely earned. No one likes to be told that they aren’t as good as originally thought. But that doesn’t excuse grown as adults from closing their eyes and plugging their ears while going “la la la la la I can’t hear you!” at the top of their lungs — which is what conservative constantly do.

Logic eludes you. You mean to tell me you think being gay is a choice despite the fact that you damn well know that you never chose to be straight? You think that global warming is a hoax but that a book written by random people over 2000 years ago holds all the secrets to not just life, but beyond life? I’m not knocking someone for being religious and having faith, I’m knocking you for accepting things at face value at your leisure but ignoring science when you just don’t feel like listening.

So there, to the both of you sitting here complaining about one another — knock it the fuck off because you’re both miserable fucking cunts. You’re both contributing to the absolute mess that our country is being blanketed with. You are both looking at the same goddamn sunset, it’s just one is on the east, and one is on the west. But just because you have different angles doesn’t mean that one reality doesn’t exist. So stop being fucking assholes and just shut up and listen for once.

Who am I kidding though? We’re fucked.