Feminism Should Come With a Warning Label
Sara Schaefer

I like this, a lot. It’s always a tempting proposition to garner further interest when something suddenly becomes “cool”, it’s an easy vehicle to spread a message. But the interest in these situations tends to be feigned. It’s probably better to remain a smaller, but more dedicated, group than to have fickle members touting a disjointed message because it’s the cool thing to do. They will always leave when the tides change or get rough.

Hence, your message is important, the tides will change, there is backlash and waves for our actions. When we’re unaware of the waves we’re making it’s far more likely we won’t be prepared for when the waters get choppy, we either get scared and run up to the beach or we drown.

I want my son to embrace what he feels is right, and who he is, no matter the cost. It’s very easy for me to say this when someone else has to bear the responsibility for it, but it’s what will lead to the ultimate happiness if you do it correctly. Remove yourself from the rat race of life, from the microscope of public perception and shackles called social standards. Detach yourself from the raw emotion that is learned, allow yourself to care not what of others think or forever you will be their slave.

This is not easy, at all. But I’d much rather him make this attempt, and be who he really is out of the shadow of society’s bullshit, than be like me; lost. I’m 30, have no sense of passion but certainly feel stuck in a dead end job that allows me to enjoy a life that I don’t give two fucks about. This puts me at odds, because (here comes my lame excuse, but I admit I’m also scared) I now have others who depend upon me, and it’s probably in their best interest if I just bite the bullet and give them the opportunity to take advantage of what I allowed to pass me by.

But your words help me, I realize that although I will support the decisions my son makes and will encourage him to walk his own path irregardless of what everyone thinks of him, I must make him aware of the dangers to properly prepare him for the waves he will undoubtedly make if he chooses to do so.

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