I Will Never Lie to You
Dana Perino

I was thoroughly impressed with your defense of the polling against whatever that blowhard’s name was. I’m 30 and have voted Republican in each Presidential election to date — this year I will not be, that’s a guarantee. There is a good chance I never will. There are much deeper reasons than Donald Trump, he’s just the epitome of the demise of the party who has its priorities ass backwards, and I left the party well before he even announced his candidacy.

But it is people such as yourself that could help uplift the party beyond those who are in control right now. Instead of fighting really stupid battles that go against human decency (get over gay marriage, universal healthcare, bathroom bills, and other dumb shit you guys are fighting) it would be more honorable if you stood atop your REAL values — telling humans that they can’t participate in a human made concept (marriage) is beyond dumb and petty.

I still disagree with the economic policies at this juncture in my life — money doesn’t “trickle down” and creating jobs that don’t even begin to erase the debt we’ve incurred because we were forced through coercion to take out exorbitant loans for college degrees is worthless to millions. Getting jobs back in America won’t help if prices inflate due to increased labor costs (it will) and working hard is a bullshit proposition because it only ensures that the men (and it’s mostly men and will be in this climate) at the top get rich while it only gives you a punchers chance to do anything beyond “make it”.

That said, someone who can look at something like Trump’s horrible polling and accept that position for what it is, even if they completely dislike it, is someone I can respect. That many polls do not lie and these pollsters spend their lives doing this, they’re really, really good at it. There is ALWAYS a level of error in any polling, it can be big or small, but it exists and it exists on both ends of the spectrum. Trump is currently trailing in the polls by an average of ~7 points, but that could end up ~3 points on election day or possibly ~11 points — it does NOT mean they were wrong, it means there is a level of uncertainty that always exists in data when taking smaller sample sizes and extrapolating them. Trump’s fanbase is simply turning their head at something they don’t like, a sign of weakness. Scarier, Trump himself is doing the same — notice he hardly ever brings up polls anymore — and answer this, has anyone ever reversed the course of something they disliked by ignoring it? I don’t think so.

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