Attack of the Misguided Nazis and Their White Feminist Enablers
Anthony J. Williams

Ideology exists not on a linear spectrum but rather a circular one. Go too far left and you’re actually in the same ballpark as those who are too far right.

You take such a stark position on race that you give the aura that white people are automatically terrible human beings destined to be monsters. I’m unsure of how that is different than any other form of bigotry? Maybe it’s a misinterpretation — but though I find your work to be easy to read and well thought out, it’s filled with anger and anti-white messages that I feel forced to defend myself when I’m done.

I won’t though.

The reason it was wrong to just go up and punch the dude in the face is because it represents everything you say you are against. It allows people to automatically dismiss your point of view, logically, because you have demonstrated that you don’t care about the broader points of your argument but rather the selfish aspects (and those are important, but can’t be it). It’s the “are you intolerant of intolerance?” idea. If you are preaching tolerance how can that message resonate when you’re intolerant?

He deserves a punch to the face, absolutely, but he is simply attempting to bait that exact behavior because it undermines credibility — right or wrong.

At the same time, once you decide that someone is an enemy that makes you an enemy all the same. The idea of a better cause is tossed out of the window, because it’s just more of the same. You’re giving them too much power by allowing them to dictate your actions / reactions.

Your anger is displaced. You are clearly articulate and passionate, but it won’t sit well with people who are genuinely trying to help when you paint them with the same broad brush that you don’t want to be painted with yourself.

But who knows, maybe your goal is a messy and bloody revolution? That sometimes feels like the best option. One step back if you will. Sometimes a bully will not respond to anything but a punch on the nose. I get that. But there are a lot of people who would fight with you that you alienate, even if they’re not 100% sure on what they’re fighting and why but rather have a vague notion of morality.

I am white. Dismiss all I said if you want, I’ve said my peace and that is all I can do. Good luck, with everything.

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