It’s Impossible to Have Freedom When Hiding

Donald Trump and his ardent supporters are the most fearful, weak individuals on this planet. Their solution to what they view as increasing terrorist attacks on our soil is to simply kick everyone out and stop anyone else from entering. Essentially — hide.

If one goes into hiding we lose our sense of freedom, and though there may be a sense of short-term safety, it definitely is not a long-term solution. Of course, short sighted individuals don’t seem to care that it would do nothing but injure more people and create more enemies — but screw logic, right?

Once we lose our freedom then what was the point to begin with? Our values will have been compromised and our country will not have the same standards, it will be mass regression with no end in sight. If we’re willing to take away rights from some individuals is there a line in the sand that we wouldn’t cross? The answer is no — we will slowly devolve into chaos, eliminating the things that make this nation amazing one at a time.

Those left on the outside will be forced to join our “enemies” or die — pretty obvious choice for the majority of people, especially when everyone else is turning your back on you. If you have ever watched anything regarding gangs often times they are so strong knit because there is a sense of family, a sense of togetherness that those individuals lacked anywhere else. When everyone else is slamming doors in your face you will eventually justify joining up with the ones who do not, even if their intentions are evil and unjustifiable.

In essence our “lock everyone out” strategy will be the greatest recruiting tool for any anti-American terrorist organization. With nowhere left to turn it’s the easy choice, one I would make as well (as would you).

So if your goal is to help terrorism and anti-American sentiment grow, then yeah let’s lock everyone out! If your goal is to get rid of everything that makes this country worth protecting, its core values, then yeah your plan will definitely do that!

If you act out of fear you are not free, you are allowing weakness to dictate your actions. That’s sad. If that’s how you wish to be then this country is too far gone to “make great again”. If you wish to eradicate terrorism then eliminate their recruiting tool — irrational hatred. It’s yours to carry, and you can drop it at any time. Just don’t be a coward, like Donald Trump and his supporters.