Mark Sanchez can win a Super Bowl

The Denver Broncos have found their starting QB — it’s the guy who flamed out with the New York Jets and became expendable when the Eagles signed Chase Daniel as their backup. Chase Daniel, the perennial Pro Bowl QB who has demolished the league in his 77 career attempts.

Let it be known that I know Mark Sanchez isn’t very good. But that’s not the point at all, the point is the Broncos do not need a great, good, or even average QB. That is why paying Brock Osweiler probably wasn’t a great idea for the future of the team. Of course Brock could become a spectacularly great QB and hindsight will make them look like jackasses — but they made the right move.

Here’s why:

The Denver Broncos had the 2nd worst passing offense in the NFL in 2015 — behind only the Dallas Cowboys who had to play Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassel, and Kellen Moore for a significant amount of time. Peyton Manning himself was even worse than that. But the Denver Broncos won in SPITE of Peyton’s play this year (and frankly, he’s had enough fantastic years carrying shitty defenses that he deserved one like this).

The Broncos are designed to win on the defensive side of the ball and that’s exactly what they did.

By this measure the Broncos had the 4th best total defense in the NFL, and frankly the difference between the top 4 is minimal therefore it could be interchangeable. So with that, they were arguably the best defense in football along with the Panthers, Seahawks, and Bengals.

They ranked 1st in Run D and 5th in Pass D.

Yes they’ve lost some very good players from this defense but frankly Wade Phillips is a gosh damn defensive wizard and their D is a hell of a lot stronger than a couple of guys moving on. So I believe that their defense, barring major injuries, will still be good enough to continue competing for championships even with Mark Sanchez at the helm. As a matter of fact, they may be even better positioned with Peyton Manning gone and Mark Sanchez, or almost anyone else, under center.

If the Broncos can be that abysmal at the single most important position in an era where passing is dominant, just think of how good they can be if they improve their passing offensive output and for very little money. Mark Sanchez is a marked improvement from the 2015 version of Peyton Manning.

While Sanchez is a below average QB for his career he showed some improvement in Philadelphia and should be able to handle a team with a defense that is as good or better than the old Jets teams he used to play on but with actual real life offensive weapons (Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders anyone?).

He never had anything worth mentioning to work with when he was manning the Jets and although I thought the Eagles had some talent it was nothing similar to this. All Sanchez has to do is be slightly below average and limit turnovers and the Broncos will be perfectly fine. Of course Sanchez’s weakness was taking care of the football, but he has shown improvement over the years.

The reality is that Mark Sanchez is a wonderful option for the Denver Broncos. He is a very low cost option that will allow the team to focus their efforts on taking care of that vaunted defense. I don’t have any charts to represent that, but knowing who you are and who you aren’t is invaluable.

Lastly, this is off the topic slightly but I noticed in this that team winning percentage in 2015 was highly correlated with a weighted average of the stats I put together for this piece.

The Broncos might have played a little above their expectation given their poor QB play dragged their total average down quite a bit, but it is a good sign that if they can even get slightly better QB play and maintain their defense, they will have a very, very good shot at winning 11–13 games next year.

And Mark Sanchez might win a Super Bowl.

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