Mitt Romney is Missing the Broader Point

Mitt Romney ‘s speech today was entirely accurate in his characterization of Donald Trump. He is an egotistical fraud who’s been a failure his entire life masked by the millions his father made. Trump exemplifies everything that Bernie Sanders stands against, nepotism and unbridled inequality. He lacks intelligence and class, and is the extreme example of how money corrupts.

But Mitt Romney is missing a bigger point — his party created this mess, this monster. Trump is pandering to the Republican party voters, people who voted for Mitt simply because he was a Republican. People who will vote for any Republican over any Democrat because they can’t think for themselves.

Moderates within the Republican party are jumping ship and have for some time. The Republican stance on human rights and equality has been utterly disgusting, scaring away individuals who might share some of their other ideals but refuses to back any candidate who believes someone’s sexual orientation or chosen religion makes them superior in some manner.

This is the party you helped shape, Mitt. These are the voters that are left to pull from — ones who are uneducated, bigoted, steeped in irrational fear that allows a billionaire who has no sense of reality to fear monger his way to the party’s forefront during a major presidential election. It absolutely is pathetic, and it absolutely is your all’s fault.

Move yourself past your own bias and get into the 21st century on your thoughts regarding race, religion, and sexual orientation (among many, many other things) and then you will have developed a worthy enough following that Trump would have been snuffed out months ago. But no, you all kept chomping at the bit to keep white old rich men in power. Now the power is running amok and even you’re nervous.

The reality is that Trump isn’t doing as well as people think, specifically the media. He underperformed in many states during “Super Tuesday” and that’s within a demographic base that was catered to his pandering. Upcoming it gets much harder for him, but until you all coalesce around someone else it will be very hard to top his 30–35% of faithful voters who, frankly, don’t give a damn what he does because they’re ignorant and bias themselves. They’re your kind of people.

But for the first time in my life I will most likely be voting Democrat. If Bernie wins the election it’s a given. If Hillary wins, God help us, it’s not so clear cut — I may skip out entirely because you would basically be asking me which I do I want to gauge out, my left or right? Is there a good answer? But I will consider it.

The biggest problem, Mitt Romney, is that everyone within your party are just lite versions of Trump. Not just the individuals running for office, but ALL of them. You have a representative in Kentucky (Joseph Fischer) who has spent god knows how much time and money into trying to “legally” discriminate against married gay couples by taking away their rights under the guise of “matrimony” — bullshit rhetoric like this is what moderates who could vote Republican are tired of seeing, Mr. Romney. You aren’t speaking for the people, you’re fighting for your own personal beliefs and agendas at the expense of the people.

Look in the mirror every time you see Trump taking a state and adding to his delegate lead. Because you, and every other Republican, created the monster — Mr. Frankenstein.