Jameson, thank you for sharing your story — if in some way my telling my story encouraged you to…
Erica Etelson

The only social media I now have is Medium — and frankly it’s just a creative outlet if you will. The others I lament.

I harp on FB and other social media because they are somehow these pinnacles of our progress in technology and I can’t find the true good that they hold. But even things like the human language is superfluous at the end of the day — when humans are gone everything we ever created will cease to exist. Everything. It’s not all for naught, they serve a purpose in this little slice of life that we have, but it puts it in perspective for me.

There’s a Buddhist text in which the writer talks about the nonexistence of trees. You start by thinking “this guy is crazy” and then understand that trees do not in fact exist, only the word exists and the mental image that we conjure up when we say that word. It’s simply a social contract among humans, but the tree itself existed prior to humans and it had no name, and it will exist long after humans and cease to have a name. Our belief that it is a tree does not make it so — we are powerless over nature. That is the simplest thing, but by dismantling something so concrete it just really opened my eyes.

What works for me won’t work for everyone of course, but your writing and ideas really struck a chord with me based on the evolution of my life and the current stage I’m at right now. Just perfect.

Maybe one day I can put these ramblings to better use, possibly clean them up and find something coherent in there. But I write for myself most of the time, if someone else reads it and likes it great, if they don’t then great, the result isn’t that important to me really. But thank you for the encouragement — I’ve spent many nights staring at a blank screen trying to figure out how to express myself coherently.

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