The Women’s March Fell Short in Strategy

First, I am a male and if you believe that precludes me from offering advice or criticism in regards to this topic you can fuck right off because you’re part of a bigger problem. I do not know anything about women’s issues or your plight in a male-centric world. But I do understand human behavior and my offerings are along the lines of what I know, not what I do not know.

I don’t mean to be so brash but I want to challenge that mode of thought immediately because it diminishes me as a human and my ability to discuss human things.

The Women’s March was amazing in execution and energy. I support everything about it and everyone who participated because the intention is perfect, exactly what is necessary to create change. But your strategy, frankly, was piss poor at best. I say that with no offense, I only intend to help and I think it’s important to be forthright. True words aren’t elegant and elegant words aren’t true. If I sugar coat my message there is a much higher chance you will misinterpret the main point, I’d rather be considered a dick but have my point clearly understood.

Here is why your message will fall on deaf ears — because they already know you oppose them and doing so in a slightly different way isn’t really meaningful. It was great seeing that many people congregate across the world, but it amounted to what? Your voices heard? They already know you don’t support them, this administration has faced more backlash than any I’ve ever seen, they lost the popular vote, they are mocked relentlessly by extremely influential members of the media and entertainment, they are constantly told how terrible everyone thinks they are from obscure websites on the internet to reputable news organizations. Your voice is heard — they simply don’t give a shit.

There are only two ways that they will start paying attention, and a peaceful weekend march every so often isn’t one of them.

The first is violence and I will go through this one quickly. NO. DO NOT ENGAGE IN VIOLENCE AS A METHOD TO CREATE CHANGE. Violence is a last resort option, like back against the wall and (literal) gun to your face because they’re going to take you out anyways. The absolute best outcome in this scenario is a Pyrrhic victory, the most probable is a bloodbath that will result in a far worse climate moving forward.

The second option, and the most viable, is to flex your economic muscle. This is very difficult because it requires more selflessness than most of us believe we’re capable of. To do this in a way that will actually garner attention you must be willing to sacrifice everything you currently know. That means giving up your job, giving up your cozy little life in your oversized home and overpriced vehicle, giving up all the status symbols that you have worked your entire life to achieve (but aren’t real anyways — another story).

I know this is extreme, but so is the Trump administration and their potential to dismantle everything we love about this country. This is truly the only way to force Trump to make a deal, something he loves doing anyways apparently. When you are unwilling to make any real sacrifices (and walking around a few hours on your day off is not that) for a cause, you don’t care enough about that cause or you are scared to rock the boat too much. They know that, and they will keep ignoring your peaceful weekend protests.

But if you remove yourself from the economy and stop making them money they will be forced to notice and to, frankly, pander. Trump needs you, he counts on you to keep living your life much the same. Because as long as you are out making money for yourself and for whatever business you’re employed by, you are contributing to his garbage ideology and actions.

His trillion dollar wall can’t be built without a huge base of taxpayers, removing 3.5 million or more people from that will absolutely kill those dreams. His ridiculous witch hunt for voter fraud that will cost taxpayers millions would be shattered before him. Either that, or he will have to backtrack on his promises and increase taxes substantially to offset losses we can create — but he won’t do that because he would lose the very base that elected him.

It will be tough, it will absolutely test your resolve and create undue hardships for you and potentially your families. There will be suffering up front, but that is the sacrifice that must be made to curb the extremism that is gripping this nation and will absolutely destroy it if left unabated. If we aren’t willing to sacrifice what we have we aren’t deserving of it in the first place.

And for the record I’m right there with you. This is as much a motivational speech to me as it is a plea to you. I make the same lass ass excuses because I’m scared to death of what the sacrifice really means. I’m scared no one else will join me and all my sacrifice will be for naught, but that’s just dumb. I can’t control what anyone else does, only myself, and I’m not sure I can live with myself if I sit here and just keep living life as if it’s going swimmingly elsewhere in the world.

Donald Trump is attempting to follow through on his ludicrous proposals that are human rights disasters — building a wall, stopping refugees from entering, going on political witch hunts, etc. We have to do something and what has been done so far is not enough.

Good luck to us all.