Blog 4: What Javascript Is

Javascript is a type of programming language, like CSS, and HTML. I heard that javascript was pretty easy to learn compared to HTML and CSS which is a little harder to learn. Other than that I don’t know that much about javascript. I do know that it’s used for stuff like games and animations. Javascript basically designs what a webpage does while HTML and CSS configure the layout of the webpage. I have never used javascript before so I don’t really know how it works. I also heard from some people that javascript is a little harder to learn. Some people are saying that it’s more complex than HTML and CSS. Watching Zak demonstrate the use of javascript makes me think it’s going to be different than learning what we previously learned in quarter 1. Basically from what I know and learned so far, javascript is configuring how your webpage works, performs, and how it operates different features on your webpage. HTML and CSS just designs and lays out your webpage. That's pretty much all I know about javascript as of now. I am however excited to learn about javascript as we get to learn something new and a different type of programming language. I am also excited to create things using javascript. I am looking forward to the 2nd quarter.

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