Alright Which Scumbag MSNBC Producer Forced Andrea Mitchell To Ask Ann Coulter About Huma Abedin?

Today, MSNBC pulled this stunt:

So let’s name names.

Which cynical MSNBC producer heard the news about Huma Abedin’s marriage issues and decided, “Hey, we’ve got literal troll Ann Coulter booked, why not see if we can stir the shit pot a bit?”

Andrea Mitchell looks legitimately pained. Ann Coulter looks legitimately confused. (To her credit, Coulter’s answer was basically directed at the cynical producer in question and was, paraphrasing here, an invitation to go fuck himself. He or she didn’t get the soundbite they were hoping for.)

I’ve watched the video several times, but I can’t tell if Mitchell’s blinking fit is physical discomfort or a coded message asking for help. I don’t know Morse code.

Just by having Ann Coulter on at all, MSNBC is crossing a moral line in pursuit of viewers with the promise of outrage porn. Mitchell’s stated reason for bringing Coulter in was to talk about (and promote) her new book in which she defends Donald Trump by claiming he doesn’t attack people with disabilities, only does “standard retard” impressions. However, the rank cynicism that is required to then pull an audible and lob her a softball about the personal life of Clinton’s aide is something else.

No wonder Mitchell struggles through a tepid defense of the question mere seconds after asking it.

“It’s hard to figure out what happens in anyone’s personal lives, but it obviously has a political impact, that’s why we’re talking about it.”

No it doesn’t. Abedin’s husband’s infidelity has zero political impact. That’s why you are talking in the hushed tones of a person at a funeral. Here lies the less shred of journalistic credibility in this already insane election cycle. May it rest in peace.


Who. the. FUCK. held. a. gun. to. Andrea Mitchell’s. head. just. off. camera. and. asked. her. to. say. this? And will they kill again?

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