Calm Down Conservatives, HLN Blurred That Trump Shirt Because Trump Is Alienating And Vile

In today’s conservative mini-scandal, HLN viewers were outraged after they noticed a “hero cop’s” right to wear a Trump 2016 t-shirt during his interview was stripped from him.

As Joe Concha at The Hill noted, when HLN first ran the interview, New Jersey police officer Steve Eckel was seen wearing an uncensored Trump shirt. An hour later, it was blurred out.

People are mad. This was, as they always knew to be true, clear liberal bias from the sister network of CNN (which we know stands for CLINTON News Network, right?). Liberal fascists working at HLN were hoping to silence the already silent majority.

But no. No they weren’t. It was HLN recognizing that a Trump 2016 shirt undermines their “hero cop” narrative and kills the human interest story. In fact, it’s likely that the reason HLN didn’t blur the shirt out the first time but did blur it on its re-run is precisely because viewer feedback showed the story was getting lost in the politics of Trump.

A retired cop may be a hero for saving a 4-month-old baby in a hot car, but he has endorsed a candidate who just this week alone has exploited the murder of a young African American mom and tripled down on his plan to deport 11 million people. To say he is “controversial” would be an understatement. For many voters, Trump’s politics are vile and Eckel’s is apparently a huge fan.

As always, the lens through which to view all media coverage is that of profits. Understanding coverage is easier when one accepts that greed is the only true ideology, at least as it pertains to the networks themselves. (Individual staffers can, of course, have personal political opinions.) Unable to see that leads to both liberals and conservatives blasting networks like CNN as biased against them. Because they are. Because scandal sells. Because they don’t give a shit which party is being mined for scandals. Crooked Hillary and Dangerous Donald both mean viewers.

So the best way to lose ratings is by letting your hero cop wear a shirt that supports the man half of your audience thinks is a racist bigot. The officer is supposed to be a sympathetic figure for people to marvel at while they sip their morning coffee. Not a person. An idea. A Hero Cop. Knowing his politics leaves a bitter taste in a viewer’s mouth and ruins their cup of joe. That’s bad for business.

If your goal is to sell a human interest story, by all means blur the shit out of a t-shirt. Knowing more about the subject can only lead to confusion and anger as the two-dimensional token hero suddenly becomes a three-dimensional person, complete with all the flaws humans tend to suffer from.

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