This is the beginning of the Expected Behavior Blog. We hope to share some of our successes and failures, and what we’ve learned from those experiences. If you’re unfamiliar with us, we’re a bit different. Here’s what we say on our about page:

In 2007, Jason and Matt started a company that they could work at forever.

Bootstrapped. Working on their own terms. Hiring the kind of friends they wanted to go on vacation with. Working on products that made life just a little bit better for everyone. Along the way they’ve tried a lot of things, grown a little bit, and made a lot of customers insanely glad to know Expected Behavior.

Engineering Happiness

We believe the pursuit of personal happiness produces incredible work. Happiness means working on things that make us excited to get out of bed in the morning (or stay up late). It means we work where we want. It means we don’t track vacation days. It means setting your own schedule so you can pick your kids up from school or start playing Fallout 4 as soon as you have it in your hands.

We’ve found that when we’re happy, our customers are happy. When our customers are happy, they keep spreading it. Like a sort of happiness virus. There aren’t a lot of epidemiology terms that are uplifting, but you know what I’m getting at :)