Love it! I’m curious on your argument of 40 servers….
Alcides V

That’s a fair argument. Our servers cost $0.853 per hour for just the instance — not including traffic and S3 storage costs. The average yearly (based on average days in a year) cost is $7,477.40 for each server instance so 40 instance would cost $299,095.92. We are approximately saving $291,618.52 per year, which is rounded to $798.41 per day and $33.27 per hour.

I’m not sure what the expected value is for a programmer salary in the US (as I’m based in UK) but lets say it is $100,000 per annum. Thus the expected cost (value) of a programmer per day and hour is rounded to $273.79 and $11.41.

The saving is approximately the cost of 2.9 programmers.