The Death of Bank Products has been greatly under-exaggerated
Brett King

Yes as a matter of fact I do own two horses (well, they belong to my wife) but they are not use for transport purposes, just for sport…

The future described by Brett is already happening to some extent, my children live in London and don’t want to own a car. Car ownership in London means very expensive parking and potentially paying the congestion charge plus lots of hassle. On the other hand taking small children on public transport is not exactly fun and in London at least not exactly cheap. One solution is Uber which, while not yet self driving means you do not have to drive yourself or find someplace to park. You don’t have to carry cash to pay for the ride and you can book it with a smartphone.

When self-driving cars become a reality the cost of Uber and similar services will presumably plummet and make car ownership even less attractive. If these self-driving cars are electric charged by solar power then the congestion charge will not apply.

My grandchildren may never learn how to drive and may never have a rapidly depreciating chunk of metal and plastic rusting away on their driveway.