3 reasons why swipe is better than scroll on mobile.

Infinite scroll is used by many publisher sites. Swipe isn’t (yet).

Today it was announced that “USA Today’s FTW redesign ditches the infinite scroll” — which led to me writing this post.

The article states the reasons why scroll hasn’t worked out for FTW but doesn’t mention swipe as an alternative.

So here are the reasons that I think publisher/media sites should use swipe.

  1. Apps — most apps use a swipe UX. Think Tinder, Grabble, Grip. This UX has been shown to be ‘addictive’ as users plough through content on their mobile. Swiping hasn’t really been replicated on mobile-web despite the obvious attraction to mobile users.
  2. Ad Formats — scroll sites monetise through in-text ads (probably Teads or an MPU), recommended click-bait (probably Taboola) and low performing fixed banners. Swipe sites can monetise through beautiful large format ads in-between the content (probably Now Native). This reduces ad clutter, delivers higher CPM’s and guarantees quality inventory.
  3. Ad Viewability — scroll sites receive very low viewability scores as users scroll past display. Swipe sites can serve 100% viewed large format ads in-between the content (probably Now Native).

Create a horizontal UX to encourage engagement, monetise engagement and serve better ads.

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Disclosure: James Pringle is the Global Commercial Director at Now Native…

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