Japrom’s Next Chapter

After 7 and a half great years, it’s time to say goodbye to Microsoft — and goodbye to Seattle! Today, Friday, July 14th, is my last day with the company, and in a few weeks, we’ll be moving down to San Jose, CA to follow in Kevin Durant’s footsteps!

I feel a combination of things — nervous, excited, scared. Just a few days ago, Richard Branson tweeted (like he was talking to me!) this very fitting quote that helped me feel (just a little bit) better:

I don’t know if I’ll be achieving great things at this new opportunity. I don’t know if I’m missing out on great things by leaving. But, I have to try and write that next chapter in my story.

The Journey

That’s me! 2010. If I recall correctly, I’m sitting in Kevin’s desk, hence the name card. haha

You know what, I’ve done some amazing things at Microsoft over the years:

  • Joined High Performance Computing (HPC) as a Software Development in Test intern to work on Java interoperability. For context, Microsoft got into really hot water with the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine. I might have been the only MS intern, if not only developer, working with Java that year. ☕
  • Got hired at HPC Team full time (yay!) and worked on testing cluster computers. It was a super complex, technical team where almost everyone had a PhD. I have no idea what I was doing there. 😳
  • Later joined the Games Test Organization (GTO) to help build and ship Galactic Reign on Windows 8 / Windows Phone 8. It was the first-ever cloud-based GPU rendering built on Azure! 💲💲💲
  • Was a part of the Xbox One Launch! While I didn’t get to work on anything directly (I lucked out?), I trained vendors and got a special shout out in the credits for a couple of launch titles. I also was fortunate enough to be one of the first 100 people worldwide to unlock an achievement in Xbox One (on Dead Rising 3)! 💀
  • Became a Software Developer and blindly joined the Microsoft Band team — I couldn’t learn anything about the project until after I accepted the offer and signed the NDA. I lasted a whole week (and made one check-in!) before they decided to re-org and I got sent back to Bing / MSN. 🏃‍
  • Launched MSN.com. Visit any article page, and see the Facebook comments. I put that there. 😂

This doesn’t even mention all the extracurriculars during that time — business trips to Shanghai, Ontario (Canada), and Oregon, recruiting trips to LA and New York, random talks and panels I got to be a part of, Microsoft Toastmasters, being an Intern Social Coordinator to socialize with interns (and catching David Blane and Maroon 5 at Microsoft Intern Signature Events!), and probably lots more I’ve forgotten. It has been quite a journey. I have nothing but positive thoughts about my experience here at Microsoft. I wouldn’t have traded for anything at any step of the way.

Me, 2017. This is what 7.5 years of Microsoft has done to me!

Where am I going next?

Stay tuned, or hit me up directly to find out!

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