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What’s the value of your time?

Is it £40 per hour?

£100 per hour?

£1,000 per hour?


Seriously, work it out. It might just change your life!

Entrepreneur and philosopher Naval said that from an early stage in his career he valued his time at $5,000 per hour.

Sound crazy?

Well for Naval, this was about wealth creation — and for him it paid off. But perhaps more importantly, it gave him a benchmark to assess what he should spend his time on.

Is it worth spending 2 hours cleaning your car and giving it a polish when it…

Obviously you’re not going to jump in, do all of these at once and find hours, days or weeks of your time. But you can start small and start today.

Pick one. Make it a daily habit. Then pick another and master that. Stack these new habits up until you’ve got a new daily routine. We call this the habit accumulator. Go for the bigger, easier wins first.

Here are a few ways you can win back time and spend it more effectively.

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‘I have no time!’

This is the line we often sell ourselves.

‘I’m super busy’

This is the story we like to tell others.


It’s how we’re measured.

In fact, it feels like busy is expected of us!

But, what if this story is holding us back?

Too busy for what? Living? Friends? Family? Health?

Maybe we’ve just forgotten how to make time. How to be content with free time and doing nothing.

Maybe it’s time to take back time.

And, small changes make a huge difference.

Just getting up 30 minutes earlier everyday can create a staggering 182.5…

As a business, building an email list is key for communication strategy and marketing.

While much of the focus is typically on collecting subscribers: “How quickly can we grow our list?” Businesses often neglect the other side of list-building — email list hygiene: “How can we make sure our list is clean?”

Poor email list hygiene practices have a tendency to snowball, catching businesses off guard and negatively impacting email marketing efforts by interfering with deliverability and keeping subscribers from receiving your emails.

If your business hasn’t paid attention to email list hygiene before, don’t worry. …

With our recently announced focus on supporting Mailchimp customers automate multiple RSS feeds in their newsletters, we’re made up to have been accepted into the Mailchimp Partnership Programme. We’re excited about what we can do to help our mutual customers in connecting with and delighting subscribers whilst automating their personalised newsletter content at the same time. Thanks Mailchimp!

Our mission remains unchanged — to support, delight and connect content producers and their subscribers.

Our tighter focus on supporting Mailchimp only has enabled us to deepen our integration and deliver a more seamless experience.

No technical knowledge needed

Concentrating on one…

We believe RSS feeds offer an unrivalled way to make your content portable and shareable. It puts you in control of your content and enables your followers and subscribers to get direct, unfiltered and undiluted access to your content. Through FlipRSS we continue to offer content owners, publishers and communications teams with a way of automating newsletters using RSS feeds while giving subscribers the choice of what content they receive.

Following on from releasing FlipRSS Maple in late 2020, we’ve continued to develop the platform to offer greater flexibility and control over the subscriber experience. …

So, what have Sea Turtles and Email Marketing got to do with one another?

In everything we do, we can choose to make a difference. To act, no matter how small, and make a positive impact on the things we value most.

FlipRSS is proudly based on the Isle of Man. With the sea never more than 6 miles away no matter where you stand, so perhaps it’s no surprise that we’ve chosen to support an ocean charity as part of what we do. The sea is in our blood.

Deciding to build a product and set up…

Introducing FlipRSS 4.0 (Maple) — Personalised Multi-RSS Feed Newsletters for Mailchimp

With a view to the future, and how we can best deliver on our mission, we’ve re-written the FlipRSS system from the ground up. FlipRSS Maple offers us a scalable platform for growth that provides enhanced functionality for our customers. Alongside additional functionality, the interface has been redesigned to make multi-RSS feed email campaigns simple to set up for non-technical customers.

Think Big

Our mission remains unchanged — to support, delight and connect content producers and their subscribers.

Act Small

One big change we’ve made is to act smaller…

So, you’re automating your newsletter creation with multiple RSS feeds but what happens if a post gets added to more than one feed? In the past, subscribers would see two versions of the same post in their newsletter. Not any more!

Say goodbye to duplicate posts in your newsletters with FlipRSS’s deduplication feature - available within our Enterprise tier.

If a post is relevant to more than one category on your website, you have to include it in both feeds. Some of your subscribers may only follow one or the other.

FlipRSS can now deduplicate feeds on a per-subscriber basis…

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful tools in a brand’s pocket; there’s a reason the constant refrain from experts is that you should build your list. The average reported ROI on email marketing fluctuates depending on which industry benchmarks you view, but it tends to hover around $40 for every $1 you spend.

That’s an astounding 4,000% return if you know how to do email marketing correctly. And writing great content for your newsletters and marketing emails is critical to that success. …

James Qualtrough

Husband, Dad of 3 and Founder at

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