#loweclass takes over Medium

The first post is always the toughest in my opinion. I never know where and how to start things so I guess I’ll just introduce myself. My name is James Ragen and I am an aspiring journalist attending Marquette University.

I am taking one of my final core journalism class at Marquette. This class goes by the name of #loweclass and has started a bit of a cult following around Marquette and social media.

We as students have to tweet about the class as soon as we get out, but I’m not sure anyone minds. It’s helping us become better digital journalists.

This being said it also is one of the best journalism classes I have taken here at Marquette so far. It challenges me day in and day out. It is the type of challenge that I thrive in because it’s actually something I like being challenged in.

For our final project in #loweclass we have to create a video documenting something that we feel strongly about and also gives emotion to the viewer. The project could look something like this.

Every time I watch this video I get goosebumps. If I could create anything close to this I would be thrilled. This project has to portray emotion and gain the viewers attention which New York Times has gotten down to an art.

Stories that can capture an audience are everywhere. You just have to look hard enough and in the right places. I can not wait to see how my final project turns out and hopefully it propels me onto bigger and better things.