Quite the contrary, there are times and places when boundary-ignoring actually turns out to be boundary-pushing. As it happens, I think a primary election can often be one of those times. So I’m glad that Senator Sanders and his ideas are in the debate. I think the Democratic party and the country are better for it.
The four policy reasons why I support Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary.
Michael Linden

I strongly agree with this comment. Although I support Sanders a great deal more than Clinton (for a variety of topics), I am not therefore opposed to Clinton. In any event, I’ve expressed this sentiment numerous times over the last several months.

I also believe very strongly that a superb time and place for such a debate really should take place in local and state elections. I do not mean to diminish the importance and effect that a presidential candidate (and victor) has on forward nature of government, as much as I believe that a president is only one person. Congress, by and large, has been a cork in the progress of policy, and it is Congress that needs to be changed more so than the next presidential candidate.

I do think that Clinton will have a greater chance at reaching policy compromises with Paul Ryan (assuming Republicans maintain the House) than Sanders. I do not, however, think, that the debate should end simply because Sanders may be the eventual loser in this election. What Sanders is proposing, in substance, needs to be discussed in greater detail at the local and state level.

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