This List (No.1)

23rd June 2016

This week I enjoyed this

  • Football and basketball game hidden within Facebook’s Messenger app. Insanely addictive if you start a game with competitive friends.
  • Binge Scale’ from Netflix ranking their shows on a spectrum from devour to savour. On average, users finish an entire season of any given show only one week after starting it.
  • Podcast series called Revisionist History. Each week Malcolm Gladwell will reinterpret a previously overlooked event, idea or person from the past. The recent first episode examined the strange phenomenon of a ‘token’ in the world of art and politics - an outsider whose success serves not to alleviate discrimination but perpetuate it.
  • Track from Wye Oak that was just released on a collection of outtakes from their previous two LPs. To my ears at least, Jenn Wasner still possesses one of the best voices in indie rock.

Artist: Wye Oak
Album: Tween
Standout Tracks: Watching The Waiting, If You Should See

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