How Apple’s Face ID Could Mean Big Money For Advertisers…And Discounts/Rewards for Engaged Consumers

Apple Announces Face ID on Sept 12, 2017

I don’t often play games, but when the iOS 11 update came out and a slew of new AR (Augmented Reality) games were featured in the AppStore I saw the game Egg, Inc. and had to download and show it to my 10 year old daughter, who loves chickens. Little did I realize I would find myself wasting away hours of my weekend tapping buttons to hatch chickens and upgrade my virtual farm. Then I found a way to quickly gain extra virtual currency in the game, as I’m sure is common with many other titles – watch an optional video ad. The thing is, every time I had the opportunity to watch an ad and be rewarded with in-game cash, I would just set my phone down and do something else for a minute or two and then resume the game. Then it hit me…

Apple could potentially enable a Face ID API, where advertisers could require that you actually pay attention to the ad in order to redeem your reward. Without giving the app access to your actual Face ID data, Apple could simply verify that you were actively looking at your device and engaging with it when an ad was displayed.

Perhaps you could get pro-rated rewards from how actively you engage with ads, (virtual currency, additional watch time for your favorite show, or reduced monthly subscription fee to your favorite streaming service). Advertisers could then pay a premium to get more engaged interactions, and also an ad-discount, optimizing their precious ad-spend, on less engaged users.

I can see it now, Hulu offers you a 20% monthly discount if you actively watch/engage in 10 ads each month, and fully subsidizes the user discount by getting paid for premium ads from the advertisers.

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