Cast Out of Heaven

Got to heaven and found the devil in God’s place,

he laughed at the surprise,

said that they had missed her.

God had left him there in her place,

as she walked the world in search of you,

her child.

Nurtured from her love,

yet you caste her aside,

not seeing her.

In passing glance,

not seeing the brilliance,

she was in the gauze of mortality.

she was living,

just as you;

because to her,

life was nothing,

if not everything.

what wonder could you think of?

what life you could have lived,

if you had seen God’s happiness,

of life true lived,

true loved,

and cherished;

for you would have found your paradise,

but now that’s a life time of golden moments stolen;

let’s count how many times over, he said with a grin.