Her Bargain

Excerpt from Poem Book 5: “My Soul to Take”

There once was a women who seemed more than human,

But to be one,

was all she sought,

because to her,

flesh was but a thought,

a memory,

Of times gone by.

So she wished,

Held it tight,

a kiss across a distant star.

in its smokeless depths,

it did reply;

It granted her body,

As she weaved to flesh,

To hold her fast.

But, alas,

There was no harmony in this predicament,

no symmetry for her to explore,

no freedom grasped,

like her to flesh,

for this body was locked in to,

And born in,

a prison of craveless desire.


she had long forgot,

That this is all,

a body ever was:

A soul in service spent.

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