How progressives can lose their anti- Trump Revolution

It seems like everyone loves to protest and complain in light of a man who months ago, they were laughing at as a impossibility and a buffoon but look who’s in the white house now, stripping rights and dropping regulations like they’re fire mixtapes — Donald trump. This woman-hating, Putin-lite president has sparked a national interest into both domestic and international politics, as well as federal policy decisions, all of which hasn’t been seen in the American cultural sphere in decades. With mounting organizations and protests one can be misconstrued to believe that this could be Trumps only term and that he will be succeeded by a populist left democrat; once the effects of his policies further damage the American economy and quality of life of the average citizen and the democrats get their act together. But it’s the way these resistance movements are coming online that should be concerning to the future of the left in America. It is not enough for every oppositional group or special interest scope to mobilize to their banners and war cries to oppose trump, because they’re doing what the ‘right’ in America has been doing by themselves — dividing and conquering.

Regardless of opposition, corporations and right-wing ideologs have republicans to rally behind, its one indivisible team. Money is the mascot and social control is the game. In contrast, the spectrum of left causes and fractionalized movements: disperse the most effective route to mobilize opposition. An example of this is the justice democrats wing (smartest move yet) in the traditional democratic party and the calls for more third parties including the one started by former Bernie sanders staffers. This is the dividing and conquering, the electoral college wont be replaced by this administration and with 2/5 past presidents losing the popular vote but still becoming president, Republicans will welcome any vote splitting with open arms. In a time when centrism and traditional corporate democratic positions have succumbed to right- wing populism, fracturing the opposition is the only way to maintain power. Sure, republicans were against the outsider Trump, but they aren’t really upset with his policy stance, its pro-corporatism and targets the people conservatives typically oppress through policy anyway. They just have to be wary of his personal corruption while their donor wish list is passed into law and regulations scrapped. The racist base of economically styed white Americans will support them, as terror threats spike under this presidency and most republicans will point to the ‘other’ correlating with the likely flourish of terrorist activity, all of which is because of this administrations tone to foreigners. Worse off, Trump may win a second term if he avoids impeachment and gains jobs for the right states. Sure, employment is great but his policy and persona screams – “I’ll turn this into a lifelong term or amend the rules so it stays in the fold.”

To win back office and popular excitement, the left must do a few things:

· find a single platform for direction,

· have a charismatic leader with no corporate conflicts/ties and that people actual like

· eliminate all ties to establishment practices and develop a deep level of social trust and accessibility.

· don’t stop campaigning and reaching out to different diverse communities across the country to garner input and support

The last two points are the most important, in order to resonate with an ailing population, no common practice can be accepted and no social segment should be made to be the victim of the new movement. This includes rich people, it means being inventive and re-distributive. The rich understand the environment can’t be saved by tech alone, if they don’t: question their leadership. We need a new culture shift to survive.

New social messaging and positioning is key to developing a sound social consensus to a new direction. In light of tough times, you can offer hope or change, both are attractive but change may seem disheartening and conflicting to those benefiting from current conditions. To this hurdle the left must transform the social culture toward change. They must incrementalize the drastic so that it seamlessly changes the social conditions, it must be done in a way akin to playing an instrument — plucking the right strings to produce the melody of change and transformation, lulling the opposition to rest in the involvement and process balancing the crescendo and diminuendo. High energy politics is the future of democracy and it is hinged on three principles: access + transparency + equity. Developing an understanding of these three principles when developing policy can exponentially increase social dimensions.

· Access means getting people involved by streamlining involvement into their lives,

· transparency means real facts and input into decision making processes

· equity is the presentation of the alternative perspective, the impact it has on ‘other’ presented without influence and falsehoods.

Now, one would be like how is this different than traditional politics and social change? This change is cohesive action as a single unit, rather than the cycling nature of current politics, social dialogue and issue recognition as it becomes apparent in the social consciousness. This means proactive progressivism, with no stop to transformation and level of acceptable utilitarianism. It is when a movement defines an edge that it becomes susceptible to opposition, it allows for a contrast that can be exploited and used to undermine the messaging. This edge is how people become disadvantaged and turn into the base for the opposition. Only a wide reaching, interconnected and rounded opposition designed like a closed system for social reformation can and should follow the current American regime. It is the only way the left can be successful in repressing the right throughout all tiers of government in the country.

At this stage in our anthropological development and challenges, it is critical to stop right-wing populism and embrace collaborative progressivism while casting aside the ideological discrimination of difference within the left itself. The right respects power and chases private profit, the left is opinionated and divided into cliques that want the same thing but stick up their noses at each other- that’s why they lose. The greater goal of any American left movement should be establishing a sustainable economic system and an elevated standard of living, that sees everyone entitled and given equitable shares of social resources. Half measure result in the same context that we are currently in, the hoarding and insatiable collection of private resources. The only difference is there is not time to experiment and placate, we succeed in this decade or we all die slowly as the planet figuratively and literally burns.

Stop acting like it’s not going to happen, just like they thought Trump wasn’t going to win.

If you want to help a real social movement, check-out the developing think-tank P:HC donate to be a Cityzen and empower the ideas of the future, today.




The Social Architect. Time Travelling Vagabond, Transdimensionalist, Futurist w/ a love for jellybeans. No idea is perfect, but the idea of a perfect one is.

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James Rhule

James Rhule

The Social Architect. Time Travelling Vagabond, Transdimensionalist, Futurist w/ a love for jellybeans. No idea is perfect, but the idea of a perfect one is.

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