The Idea of Love

You see I find myself asking myself,

What is love?

I can say I feel it,

But those are just fleeting moments.

Stolen smiles,


suspended in time,

that remind me of you.

That remind me of times, I didn’t think time existed.

I thought love, was the weight of your head on my chest.


so tangled that all I felt was whole.

You see,

even I as I try to explain it,

I can’t seem to understand.

How do you describe a sunset in your heart?

With colours blurred so smooth that they drink away the sun,

And leave but silky night.

I love when we fight,

like fireworks of emotion,

and after the moment,

when it seems oh too silly that we lost sight

Forgotten, what we had:

A perfect illusion.

An extension of each other so seamless it felt no different,

Did your heart not beat with mine?

for in my love,

I could not tell.