What is Human

excerpt from Poem Book 1: “Walking Path”

To be human,

is its own paradox.

It’s to be a fool,

A hypocrite,

A liar.

It is all that there is,

So what is it’s worth?

Humanity is a lesson,

To weave love through action,

To feel peace,

in other’s joy.

To be voice to voiceless,

Power to the powerless.

Is but man’s true task.

But do we measure,

the freedom of man?

To be all that they seam.

To see how light ran,

so swiftly to a dream.


by the specter of greed,

Freed to live of mindful lead.

Without the shive of hate,

the binds,

of times blind fate.

To learn love,

Seek inner peace,

And share equal stock of life’s bounty,

There is but single path:

To find justice unattained,

Is but a hard cost.

For each man’s heart,

Holds its own fear:

Of love,

of life,

of loss.

Yet worth the same as lost.

See, there is little cost.

As freedom is,

but its own,

mind state.

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