It was exactly three years ago on this day that I became a man. My father was very proud of me for reaching manhood because it meant that I could finally help him with his work on the farm, not that I couldn’t before, but it was small minor stuff like moving bales of hay and replacing the water for the animals to drink. I was basically just a simple farmhand for that moment. Now that I’m a man I can finally help my father bring the animals to the butcher for us to earn meat and sell it whenever we need the money. The other good thing is that when the animal is killed we keep the hides which can then be used to make our clothes by my mother or to sell in town once we get them cleaned up.

As I was helping mother clean the house I got called into the barn by my father.

Mother looked at me and said, “Better go see what your father wants Theudis.”

“Okay mother.”

As I set down the broom and went to the barn I realized that some important looking people were standing outside our property. They had the symbol of the king adorned on their chests and I knew immediately.

“The King’s collecting property for the war over in the distant lands.”

When I went in the barn to see my father he had our two most well bred horses in reins and saddles.

I looked at him with a puzzling look and finally asked him, “Father what are you doing to Xanadu and Argo?”

He looked at me and frowned and finally with a sigh he said, “The knights outside are wanting them for the war that’s going on.”

I started to tear up and yelled,” Why can’t they just get their own horses? Why do they need to take ours?”

He dropped the reins and gripped my shoulder, “I’m upset as well my son, but you are a man now.”

I looked him in the eyes and asked him, “Is this why you called me out here father?”

“No Theudis. I need you to take Xanadu and Argo to the knights outside.”

I hesitated and grabbed the reins and finally lead them outside.

“Are these the horses young man?” one knight asked.

I nodded and told him their names and that these are the best well bred horses we have to offer.

The leader of the group looked at me and asked me a question.

“Hey lad,” he said with a smile on his face, “how would you like to bring these horses to our stables into town for us?”

I looked at my father who had my mother beside him and nodded for me to go ahead.

I looked to the leader and I said I gladly would take them to the stables.

“Good.” He said as he ruffled my shaggy black hair.

I grabbed the reins of the horses and lead them into town.

It was about a mile to town so it took awhile for me to get there.

When I arrived in Tregaron I immediately looked for the stables and found it after searching for fifteen minutes.

“Hello? Is anyone here?” I asked.

There was no answer. So I just sat and waited until someone arrived.

FInally after what seemed like an eternity the stable master finally arrived.

As he walked to me he asked what I was doing here with two horses. I explained to him that I was told by one of the King’s knights to bring the horses here as a favor. He took the horses by the reins and told me that the knight wanted to meet me in the local tavern called The Bronze Galleon so I thanked him and went on my way there.

As I entered the tavern I looked around for the knight. However I couldn’t find him so I asked the owner if he knew if there was a knight looking for me. He said yes and pointed me to a table close to the wall. As I arrived over to him he told me to sit down and that we needed to talk.

Turned out his name is Renaudin. “So Theudis I heard you are a pretty strong young man and a good helped around the farm from your father.”

I looked at him as I sipped from my ale and finally set down the mug and said, “So what. I’m strong for my size and can handle things pretty well. What’s your point?”

“Well,” he said smoking from his pipe, “I’m in need of a squire to help me run errands for the king and join me.”

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