The universe is a closed system, meaning the energy within the system remains in the system. Law of Conservation of energy asserts that energy is neither created or destroyed, only changes form. That means any energy you put out there comes from and stays in the system.

If you’re comfortable in this knowledge, that any energy you release is returned, you can truly live in an abundant mindset: give generously, bring value in all the ways you can, never fear that you can give too much of yourself, don’t worry about money.

If you are sending value (see: energy) out into the universe, then that value will find it’s way back into your life in countless ways. If you put providing and nourishing others at the core of your personal philosophy, you will be provided for and nourished in all ways.

This doesn’t occur by chance or by magic, it’s a universal law grounded in physics and electromagnetism! But it requires truly believing and committing to this mindset. The cosmos is running through you, you are an agent of the divine, and you have to own that.

As long as you only do good and bring value sometimes, you are not a good, valuable person. You are simply a person that sometimes brings value. When you make the switch to living a life of value, when it’s no longer effort but simply how you behave, you are valuable.

There are no exceptions allowed in a deterministic, energy-based universe: you must approach those with which you agree and disagree with the same understanding and love, focus on what they need and how they are lacking, and provide that to heal and bring them into the fold.

At the end of the day, we’re all part of the same energetic system. Does the radiator in your car fight with the spark plugs? Does your computer’s keyboard lie to the processor? Imagine the chaos if they did… or just look around the Earth. We see the chaos all around.

Bringing each piece of this great universal system into alignment is required for harmonious existence, and there’s no greater way to spend your energy than working to synchronize people into harmony. Lead with love, bring much light, and keep on keeping on 🤙