James Risberg
Dec 8, 2016 · 2 min read

The creation of art of any kind fascinates me. The completely limitless and baffling potential of the human mind for creation and destruction. The infinite ways at our disposal to express ourselves, bring value to ourselves and the world at large, and create or destroy with awe-inspiring effect.

The type of art is a detail. My current art is mobile software development, building new and valuable experiences accessed through your phone. My art will change constantly over time. Some people make music, some paint, some dance, some preach, some inspire, some lead. But the creation, the raw power and creativity underlying the generation of art, that is constant across the endless and myriad forms that art takes everyday.

It is this creative drive and hunger for creation that you see on the face of band members jamming together on stage. You see it in the furrowed brow of a painter stooping over a canvas. In the calloused hands of sculptor stepping back to take in his work. In the emotional words of poet on stage, baring their soul. In the poor posture of a developer bent over his laptop (I’m working on the posture bit).

I find myself (through a little circumstance and a lot of intention) immersed in the world of visual art, music and technology. And everyday I see the distinctions between these breaking down, the worlds merging, diverging and remerging in fantastic ways to allow for creation on deep, deep levels.

I am inspired by creators, by the hunger to create, by the drive to bring to life something that was not before. This is a hunger I share, and it’s this hunger that keeps me growing, learning, and exploring myself and my art.

James Risberg

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