Every Moment is a Decision

James Risberg
Oct 10, 2017 · 3 min read
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“Do the thing and you shall have the power.”

As you go through your day to day, you are constantly bombarded with tiny decisions. Tiny decisions that in isolation do not change much. But tiny decisions that in compound are everything.

Decisions to get a burger or a salad. To practice an extra hour or not. To wave and smile or walk on by.

You are either growing or shrinking. Elevating or falling. And it all depends on these tiny decisions.

Making lasting change in life is all about the understanding that you are in control of every moment of your experience. You are deciding every second to either do or not do something, and you get to choose every second what you wanna do.

Every action that is easy to do, like eating a salad instead of a burger, is even easier NOT to do. As humans, we’re lazy and tend not to do things. But success in any context is showing up and making consistent, constant progress in small chunks toward your goal. It’s making these decisions, every tiny decision, over time and with discipline.

You can accomplish anything by deciding over and over, every second of every day, to reach that goal.

You wanna lose weight? Every meal you decide to eat healthily. You decide to take the stairs. You decide to walk to work.

You wanna save money? You don’t buy a coffee. You don’t buy a coffee tomorrow. You don’t buy a coffee the next day. You take the bus, not an Uber. You bring home leftovers and make a second meal of it.

Results are not immediately visible, negative or positive. We fall into the trap of making small bad decisions because we don’t see the fallout. Failure and success come only over time based on your decisions over that time.

Getting started is the hardest part, and it takes a lot of mental strength to get yourself moving on any habit or project. But once you start, it gets easier and easier to keep going, you pick up steam and your momentum carries you forward.

To help motivate yourself to keep going long enough to pick up momentum, focus on completion. Record everything you’ve accomplished and each time you do something so you can go back and look at your progress.

After taking a step, reflect on that step. Reflect every single day on the decisions you made that day and whether they got you closer or further from your goals.

Then, when you’ve made a good decision or decisions… CELEBRATE! Celebrate every victory no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Every good decision you make is a step on the path to accomplishing your goals, and that’s something to celebrate.

Over time, this focus on completion, reflection and celebration builds momentum and makes it easier and easier to make consistent decisions that bring value to your life. This turns your actions into habits, automatic and self-sustaining to get you to your goal.

Keep it up!

James Risberg

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