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In my previous post, I highlighted the challenges of designing for enterprise and tackled one of the most commonly used User Interface (UI) components, tables (if you haven’t read it, please check it out).

This time we’ll take a look at another common UI component found in enterprise software — modals.

Note: I’m going to assume we’re working on a web-based application although the majority of the points below apply to any enterprise application regardless of platform.

Firstly, what are modals?

Modal windows, also known as dialogs or overlays, are UI components that sit on top of the current…

As we approach Global Accessibility Awareness Day, I thought I’d share some of the work I’ve been doing in Pulsar to simplify the process of making inline form help and error text accessible.

Form helpers

If you’re familiar with the Pulsar design system or the Jadu Continuum platform it powers, you might know that the majority of our UIs are built using the Twig templating engine. Pulsar provides developers with various Twig “helpers” to make building UIs faster, more consistent and remove some of the complexity developers may face when building UIs.

Here’s an example of a form.text helper in use:


Thoughts, patterns, and solutions.

Designing for enterprise is hard. Why? Because, generally speaking, Enterprise software is complicated. You have vast amounts of data to display, user configurable UIs, complex workflows, automated tasks and much more. Designing for all these things can be a bit of a challenge 😓.

As a result, some Enterprise applications offer a poor user experience and end up looking, well, a bit dull.

Typical enterprise application

Over a series of posts, I’m going to break down some common enterprise application UI patterns, problems, and possible solutions.

It’s worth pointing out, there is no one size fits all. The patterns and solutions mentioned below…

James Jacobs

UI designer & developer @ Jadu

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