WWDC 2018

WWDC 2018 is over, and it brought a lot of improvements in CoreML, ARKit, Swift, Xcode and so much more but with over 100 sessions is pretty hard to find the time to consume all the amazing content available,

I’ve been very lucky to be able to attend my first WWDC this year and be able to enjoy every hour of it, but let’s be honest, as busy developers as we are, we may not find enough time to watch every session online, that’s why I wanted to share with you short lists of “must watch videos” based on a certain topic and also based on sessions that I found awesome.

So the first thing that you must watch of course, if you didn’t already, is the keynote and the Platform state of the union, you will have an introduction of what is coming with iOS 12.

If you love Swift as much as I do, you need to watch this talks, starting of course with what’s new in Swift, following with an awesome talk about Generics, and my personal favorite session “Embracing algorithms”.

If you are using Core ML at work or just in your personal projects, iOS 12 totally changes the game for us, letting devs create and train our own lightweight models using playgrounds. if this sounds interesting this is the must-watch list, starting with the new Create ML following with whats new in Core ML and a very cool display of a real usage of the Vision API in a “robot shop”.

Now, if your thing is AR you must be very excited about the new improvements in ARKit, it’s amazing how real models can look in the real world now, here are the must watch, starting with whats new in ARKit 2, the new AR Quick look and understanding ARKit tracking and detection.

If Design is something that you are also passioned about you must watch this talks that highlight the qualities of a great design. (Highly recommended for every member of your team BTW)

UI — This list will show you whats new in cocoa touch, a tour of UICollectionView and tips and tricks to improve performance in your UI.

Debugging is one of the most important skills that we must have to be able to be productive developers, and sometimes can be very frustrating mostly when you have to rebuild your app to try a potential fix, well, with XCode 10 you will be able to change logic in your code and even UI layouts from the command line without rebuilding your app, check this “must watch” for boost your productivity.

There are tons of other cool features like Siri shortcuts that are totally worth to watch but I hope this list is enough to keep you busy for a bit and easily be aware of the best content of this WWDC.

As always I hope you find this helpful and please share with me what is your must watch that is not currently on this lists, enjoy!