Error comes while performing Video call on Google Hangout

Google hangout is the free application service provided by Google to its user’s. This feature helps you to send a message, make a video call, voice call, or you can also share images and videos. The users can access Google hangout on any device whether it’s Android or iOS. to use this application you need a Google account and password to access this service.

If you are not able to begin a Hangout or not able to make a voice or video chat to communicate, please follow the below instructions carefully to fix your problem:

· Make sure that the Hangouts Plug-in are installed properly in your system: It is possible that may be connected to Chat or Hangouts through a web browser that does not have the plug-in enabled the feature. Please attempt to download Google hangout the plug-in again. Please make sure that the person you are chatting with also has the plug-in installed in his/her system.

· Ask the person to check their device for which you want a Hangout or video chat: In order to begin a Hangout or voice and video chat with someone, they must be accessing video chat in Gmail or the Hangouts app on their desktop or mobile device.

· Ensure that your webcam and mic are configured properly. If you are using an external microphone or webcam, please ensure that they are configured correctly.

· You need to restart your system and hangout.

You can try to exit and connect the video call again or reboot your computer.

Ask another person to troubleshoot

If you’re not able to view the other person’s video or hear their audio, ask them to go through these steps to troubleshoot the problems.

· If you get any error then you can also report or send feedback about Hangouts video calls to Google. This can include any suggestions, comments, or any technical errors.

Ø Press Options located at the top right of your video call window.

Ø Tap Feedback.

Ø You can select whether you want to send a screenshot of your issue. This helps us solve any technical issues. You can mark any areas of the image.

Ø You need to type your comment or also describe your issue. Be as particular as you can.

Ø Tap Send.

If the issue still continues, visit the Hangouts forum to get help from expertise or you can directly make a call on authorised Gmail technical support phone number for quick support. These are some important instructions you need to take care while using Hangout or making a video call.

Gmail Toll Free:

+1–844–773–9313 (US/CA)

+44–800–051–3717 (UK)

+61–180–082–5192 (AUS)

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