How One Guy’s Concept of Marriage Created a Wedding Ring for the Ages

Meet John Easley. John is by all accounts just a regular guy. Father. Husband. Innovator. After being married for a few years, he encountered a problem that bothered him. As an active engineer and designer always working in the shop with some serious machinery, he found that he was going through wedding bands at an alarming rate. Just wearing a ring in the shop can be dangerous, but once you take it off, there is always the risk of losing it or it getting damaged. Hence, John’s conundrum.

Modern Innovation Comes to Life

After doing some research and experimenting, he stumbled upon a ground breaking process that the aerospace industry was using to make their projects lighter and stronger: the forged carbon process. This revolutionary practice took the durability and longevity of carbon fiber, and found a way to break it down and make it not only stronger, but 3 Dimensional. Not only did John make a wedding ring that finally stuck with him, but it also brought a lot more meaning to his marriage. His invention “had properties that represented a lot of things that I believed were common in my marriage and in my life. The strength of it. The idea of two things coming together to make something that was durable and strong, stronger than they could have been separately.”

The Original Forged Carbon Fiber Ring

That was just the beginning. After a very successful campaign on Kickstarter, John and his new company Carbon6, were all of a sudden at the forefront of an industry that was quickly picking up momentum. Setting a goal of only $11,500, they received and overwhelming response that garnered over $400,000 in backing pledges. Today, and thousands of rings later, Carbon6 is still expanding their ring selection all while maintaining their original stance of creating more from less. And they’re doing it all in small, handmade batches.

Crowdfunding Your Way to the Top

Just a quick glance at Carbon6’s crowdfunding success makes you wonder if it is all just a fluke. With the advancement of social networks and handheld technology, we are witnessing the evolution of business financing and entrepreneurship. In 2015 alone, over $25 billion has been lent in various ventures across all crowdfunding platforms. Everyday, we are seeing new products and ideas come to life with the help of the casual crowdfunder. From movies to real estate, anything is a go, if you can get people to invest.

The Circle of Success

John is just one example of thousands who prove that anybody can be an innovator, and anybody can bring extra value to this world. With the advantages the modern world provides, building a business or making a once far-fetched dream become a reality is within reach, and closer than ever before. So whether you use your marriage as your inspiration, or simply have a problem for which there is no solution yet, know that your success is up to you. And that certainly has a nice ring to it.