Best Property Maintenance with New York Security Patrol Agency

What Security guard Service provides you?

Security Guard Services in New York endows you with solutions for investigations with the help of some proficient and law enforcement agency, secret surveillance with the assistance of camera tools and video equipments. They also provide background checking job and other necessary activities to prevent illegal and suspected actions going around the premises. They also assist you in providing employees who would work for you in securing your building and your possessions along with ensuring the safety of the employees of your company or the members of your house.

Proper Training for Security Guards:

Security guards who are appointed to several companies will have to undergo a rigorous training session before they join their duty. The course includes meticulous and thorough classes along with practical training sessions. After getting the training the young people are endowed with license with which they can get entry to the companies offering jobs for security guards. Moreover they get certification along with site training about how to act according to the situation. They also get defense training before they are employed. Some companies offer extra training sessions before they provide final offer letter to the employees to act as a security guards.


Depending upon the type of service, the security guards are appointed. People who wish to give their best in their service can choose to be a security guard by profession, if they are serious and want to serve the employer whenever it is needed. The duty hours is flexible for the security guards and at the same time there can be no duty hours because a guard might have to go for emergency duty and even for a night duty although there will be overtime for the same. The money earned by the professionals in this industry is much better than many other kinds of jobs but the responsibility one has to perform is enormous.


The employers are the corporate offices along with the shopping malls and small and large corporations. The residential complexes hire the security guards from the New York Security Patrol Agency. Banking sectors, Hospitals, Universities and Schools also need security guards for their own purposes.