Your Gleeful Liberal Takedown of Hillary Clinton Is Affirming Institutional Sexism

Poorly thought out article … back when Bradley and the rest were running it would not have made much tactical or strategic difference to attack Wall Street … later with no political plan …. Occupy had a mixed effect …. Obama promised to take only public financing then they figured out he would be blown out by Corporate money tsunami later in the election …. SO HE REVERSED COURSE ON HIS PUBLIC FINANCING PLEDGE …. NOW IS DIFFERENT …. Bernie Sanders has been able to get funding from Main St and still run a competitive campaign ….. Obama took the most Wall St money in his election against Hillary ….. in spite of his promises of regulating Wall St the revolving door continued into Washington ….. they were fined pennies on the dollar for their crimes …. they still sell …. TOXIC SLUDGE PRODUCTS …. not a single …. BILLION DOLLAR WALL ST CRIMINAL WENT TO JAIL …. THAT IS WHAT WALL ST CAMPAIGN MONEY BUYS YOU … WASHINGTON INFLUENCE AND PROSECUTION IMMUNITY

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