Scuba diving in the Cenotes in Mexico

Unless you’re a geologist or already familiar with the Yucatán region of Mexico, you may be unfamiliar with the word. It’s both more and less exotic than it sounds. Less exotic because it simply means a natural underground reservoir of fresh water, typically found in a limestone region. More exotic because so many cenotes are fantastically beautiful.

Visiting Cenotes

There are more than 6000 cenotes in the Yucatán region, of course, some are far more interesting than others. Here’s a round up of five that will repay the time involved in visiting. All are close to Playa del Carmen.

El Jardin del Eden

While many cenotes are in caves, the Garden of Eden is not. There’s a cliff jump, the water and it’s suitable for snorkeling, there are a few places you can enter the water, and rocks in the center of the lake where you can take a mid-swim rest.


This is another popular spot for swimming, noted for its refreshing turquoise waters and a rare species of black fish, called ‘lub’, you might spot them but they won’t see you, as lub don’t have eyes. Around a third of the cenote is covered with stalactites and stalagmites

Casa Cenote

Is very close to the beach of Tulum and one of the options if you fancy cave diving in Mexico, as well as being a favored spot for snorkelers. In some places, roots from the Mangrove trees can be seen in the water, making this a great playground for fish!

Dos Ojos

The name translates as two eyes. Black and Blue eye are part of an extensive system of caverns. Blue Eye is a world class and world renown cave diving spot. Divers travel underwater to emerge in a cave filled with bats. Diving in Black Eye is a challenging experience as there’s almost no natural light.


The name means ‘Skull’ but there’s nothing sinister about this. When viewed from above, the three holes which form this cenote are said to look like a human skull. The largest of these holes is one of the less crowded swimming holes in the area.

Cave Diving Holidays

A cenotes Mexico diving holiday could be the adventure of a lifetime. While Scuba Diving in cenotes is a beautiful and very peaceful experience it’s not without danger. Unless you’re already an expert cave diver you’ll benefit from expert tuition to make sure your holiday is memorable for the right reasons. Advanced Diver Mexico offers the best overhead diving instruction and guiding available. The school provides courses for both novices and those wishing to expand their existing skills.