“I brought home everyone’s generous food gifts tonight. After eating almost all of the Toblerone, my wife said that it was ‘amazing,’ that because of it we ‘may have avoided an incident,’ and that ‘if someone were to hand me ten more I’d probably self destruct.’ My daughter Grace praised it highly as well. The small cake was also very well received, with both my wife and daughter saying it was ‘brilliant’ after muttering something along the lines of ‘O my God.’ I liked it too, as did my son and youngest daughter, Zoe, neither of whom even had a chance to sniff the Toblerone before it was completely gone. As of the time of this writing I believe they remain unaware of its existence, which is just as well: ‘La Belle Dam Sans Merci.’ David’s maple cream is being reserved for our next batch of waffles, and Kristi’s trail mix is being saved for our next drive to Jackson, or anywhere over 20 miles, which may well preserve the lives of our children.

Thanks very much. I doubt I will share food this year, but I can certainly express my appreciation.


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