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WOW, I must have missed your article on Harry Reid and his desire to put the nuclear option into play for the democrats! You liberal media outlets are shameless, you remain silent over the Obama years as he shoves illegal Ponzi scheme Obama-Care insurance down the throats of the public in the dark of the night. I have NEVER seen an article about his abuse of executive power “I have a pen and a phone”! All of you liberals might as well just suck it up and stay out of the way as our country is taken back from the brink of destruction. You liberals have all but destroyed our nation with all of the PC BS, the willful importing of illegal aliens, NAFTA, attempted TPP, welfare for illegal aliens, misuse and abuse of tax payers money-Obama has amassed more national debt than all other presidents before him combined! In the words of Obama, “You can set in the back and watch if you want to but don’t get in the way, we have work to do”.

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