Also plan for your future when your young so you don’t have to rely on gov handouts when your older, get an education, stop wasting your life on TV and Facebook each night and actually teach yourself something to improve your skills and marketability, stop wasting money on stupid things so you can save a little to invest, change your mentors from socialist minded to business minded, work 8 hours a day for the company and then invest an extra hour for free, look for ways to do more at work, always go the extra mile and you’ll quickly move to the top. Don’t spend the extra money on more junk!!!!! Read books about selling on eBay or joining a mlm. Rub shoulders with successfully people and try to do what they do. Even when you fail the first 4 times, your learning and getting better at it.

Quit watching liberal news that poisons your mind and convinces you that your a victim. Take responsibility for yourself and your family by learning more, doing more, risking more and making more with every hour of your day.

Recognize that you might be where you are because you failed to plan, you failed to learn, you wasted so many life opportunities because you were listening to the wrong message or were possibly being lazy.

People don’t get ahead working 8 hours a day. It’s what you do at the end of the day that determines your future. How many hours of your life have you invested in senseless TV that could have been invested in learning new skills?

First recognize where you may have gone wrong, change your direction immediately, and the teach your kids so they aren’t a burden on society and they can change the pathetic cycle.

The easiest thing you can do is pay tithing, give to those poorer than yourself, serve the elderly and enjoy the blessing that come from it despite your skill level.