Romy Minko Has Performed Commendable Research And Volunteering Work

A Research Analyst at Charter Keck Cramer, Romy Minko is a resourceful professional with a good academic background. Based in Melbourne, Australia, she has years of professional, volunteer and research experience. Being a Research Analyst, she writes Python scripts to access, clean and compile data from the web, statistical analysis of data in Excel and Tableau. She also research various factors that are affecting the property market in Australia, such as affordability metrics and the emerging middle class in China and India. 
 In addition to this, Romy Minko has also attended a Conference at the University of Oxford- Celebrating Women Across the Mathematical Sciences. This conference gave her the opportunity to listen to several prominent mathematicians speak, as well as current PhD students. She also had the privilege to speak to Kristin Lauter of Microsoft Research who directed her towards the internship opportunities available to PhD students. This experience motivated her to continue her education into research. 
 Prior to this, in 2013, Romy Minko worked in a laboratory for her modules at University of Melbourne. This work was often conducted in a group and required a high level of analytical; thinking, as well as research for laboratory reports. She has also taught Mathematics for VCE and Chemistry for IB to two students which helped her in developing communication skills, particularly the ability to effectively explain and educate, proved to be an asset for her research work. 
 Romy Minko’s has a volunteering experience with Don Bosco Centre at Phnom Penh in Cambodia for a week. She was involved in taking medication to poor families affected by AIDS and preparing relief packages for communities in poverty.